Legal officer Margaux De Vleeschauwer

Bar Association Ghent 01.10.2012

Preferred areas of practice

  • Law of natural persons and family law
  • Matrimonial property regimes
  • Gifts, inheritances, wills
  • Traffic law


Master of Law UGent 16.09.2011
Master thesis “The termination of the labour agreement for sportsmen and -women: the option clause is killing the player”

Master after Master in Notarial Law UGent 13.09.2012
Master’s thesis “Possible problems of offer and acceptance with the buying & selling of immovable property.”

LL.M. Margaux DE VLEESCHAUWER has the advantage to be the daughter of 2 lawyers and on mother’s side (LL.M. Ingrid CARNEWAL) she is the fourth generation of lawyers ( Sabato, ‘De Tijd’, 6 October 2012 ).